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The Foundation's efforts to foster leadership at the undergraduate level centers on the Robertson Scholars Program. Each year, the program selects thirty-six new Scholars - half matriculate at Duke University and half at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). All have access to courses at both UNC and Duke, and all must spend at least one semester living at the school where they are not otherwise enrolled. This four-year merit scholarship provides a comprehensive program of summer enrichment opportunities, mentoring, special courses, and unique access to the resources of its two partner universities.

Robertson Scholars are chosen on the basis of six criteria:

  • Behavior that is grounded in strong ethical principles
  • Superior academic achievement and intellectual curiosity
  • Strong leadership potential
  • Active commitment to helping others and to community service
  • Courage
  • Collaborative spirit

The Robertson Scholars Program strives to transform students through immersion in the intellectual and social life of two dynamic universities and exposure to new and challenging environments. The experience of being a Robertson Scholar molds students to become thoughtful, creative, lifelong contributors to society -- the kind of citizens and leaders prepared to meet the challenges of our interdependent world.